Since 1984…..

Solar Radio started broadcasting in London 38 years ago and is now the nation’s
favourite station for all types of jazz, funk and soul music from its blues roots to the
neo-soul of today.
It isn’t surprising; from the start Solar had the cream of London’s club and radio soul
DJs who had spent the previous years fine-tuning their skills in the emergent soul
pirate radio stations. The music policy, as successful now as it was then, was to play
the latest releases and the classic soul music that remains just as popular today.
Some of the DJ’s from those early days are still on the station. Others have since
joined, many with national or international recognition for the quality of their music
and presentation. But, things don’t stand still….
Nowadays, rather than relying on listeners to send in letters for their dedications,
they can use social media and messaging to contact presenters. It’s a much more
interactive experience, with many listeners feeling very much part of the so-called
‘Solar Family’. Our reach has gone from Greater London to global, via the many
digital routes available.
The station is fully ‘21 st Century ready’, but the feel is as good as it ever was. Keep it
Your Classic and 21 st Century Soul Station.