Angus Kemp

Soul In Motion



The Essence of Soul New and From the Past. Also includes the Latin & Jazz Fusion Section 

I first connected with soul music after listening to prime legendary radio presenters Greg Edwards (Capital). Robbie Vincent (Radio London), and also Peter Powell (with Guest DJ Froggy) on his Radio One Summer Soul Show.  I further listened to many of the first London based Pirate Stations including: Radio Invicta, JFM, Horizon, LWR, and throughout its early reigning days ‘Solar Radio’.    I then later guested on a few radio shows with my late friend ‘Tony Hodges’ (Ex-Horizon Radio and Solar Presenter).  Following this, I further developed a passionate interest into soul music radio.  Tony encouraged me to enter the U.K Technics DJ Mixing Championships of which I also became a Two Times Semi- Finalist and had features in Mix Mag. And I also later became a BBC Radio London DJ Mixing Finalist of which I attained second place. Soul, R&B. Jazz, Funk and Latin music has always played an important part of my leisure and lifestyle. It has also helped spiritually and soulfully ground me, while appreciating the input of individuality, artistry, musicality and creativity.       

My weekly radio show ‘Soul in Motion’ features ‘Soul, Jazz Funk, R&B’ and music from the past, present and future. It also comprises of a ‘Soulful House Segment’, a ‘Backtrack Classic’, a ‘Wind Down Selection’ and ‘Latin/Jazz Fusion’. 

I also enjoy presenting a monthly Sunday Solar Sunrise Gospel Radio Show.  

Solar Radio is truly a God-Send…. for any listener who is keen to differentiate, diversify taste, and anyone who may also be musically open-minded. Enjoy! 

January 11 @ 18:00
18:00 — 20:00 (2h)