Big H

Vibes Galore – Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Funk & Latin

Vinyl Marathon October 21st 2023

The Quiet Storm September 13th 2023

My journey in to the world of music and nightclubs all started for me at a club called Barbarella’s in Southall. This was a Wednesday night gig and needless to say, it was a ‘spot the patron night’. I was there for about 3 months.
I was amazed when they asked me if I would be interested in a Saturday night residency at Barbarella’s in Southampton. Needless to say the answer was, yes.
I was already playing at a small basement club called ‘Jacksons’ playing Jazz, this venue had a very low ceiling ‘ouch’!
More residence followed. First, the Belvedere at Ascot, then, the Cambridge night spot ( The Old Frenchie’s Club) in Camberley.
The next one to follow was The Old Trout at Windsor and finally Jagz at Ascot.
At these four venues, I was able to play the music that I love, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Funk and Latin. At Jagz and The Old Trout, they catered for live music at which I was lucky to be MC and DJ with some fine vocalists and musicians……Gwen McCrae, Dana Bryant, Roy Ayers, (the late) Weldon Irvine, Jools Holland, Pucho and The Latin Soul Brothers, Snowboy and The Latin section, Robin Jones and King Salsa, Palenke Salsa Band, The James Taylor Quartet, Brand New Heavies, Light of the World. plus many, many more not mentioned.
I feel very fortunate to have worked alongside such talented artists.

January 2 @ 18:15
18:15 — 18:20 (5′)