Gary Taylor

Hot Soul Sauce

2021 Marks 40yrs as a Soul Music Dj and a 36yr association with Solar!

I have been collecting Soul music since the mid seventies and would be a regular at most of the well known record shops, This is how I met Tony Monson and was invited to join the station 36yrs ago! Of course then we were a London based Pirate station, but that added to the fun, climbing buildings to put an aerial up or to build a new studio which could be anywhere in London at the time.

We came off the air to apply for a licence, but I ended up joining LWR Radio. I eventually left them to concentrate on my young family and business commitments. I was still avidly adding to my burgeoning music collection, and was still attending loads of gigs and events during that time.

However, I was asked to rejoin the station in 2019, but was a little hesitant. I then got a call from Tony again in January 2020 about doing a show to which I agreed. The response that came back was “Great – you start in one week!” Cue, a bit of panic and organising and we pulled it off.

My show’s time slot at midnight on a Friday suits me as its drivetime in America and breakfast time in Australia. I play a fairly unique mix of Soul and Jazz Funk music.


December 3 @ 00:00
00:00 — 02:00 (2h)