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Now, I accept you have to draw lines somewhere (as there IS a solid argument that Music is Music is Music!) but I prefer not to feature Rock, Pop and the myriad of other genres that may throw up the odd Dance-orientated track on occasion and to concentrate on what I term “Soul Music For The Chemical Generation” – Dance Music for sure but, hopefully, always featuring a discernible euphoric feel whether that be from an obvious Soulful vocal, a funked-up instrumental groove, or simply an emotive, if brain cell-frying, wave of synthesised effects. Soul Music is meant to move the soul: I argue it may be realised by any variation on the aforementioned examples not just a thirty-year old Marvin Gaye track

The Freedom Principle was effectively born back in the mid-80’s in direct response to the (then) proliferation of clubs/nights featuring just one solitary style of Dance Music. Having come up through the 70’s underground Funk-Jazz clubs where Soul, Funk and Jazz were all played under one roof, it always seemed to me to be the most exciting “modus operandi” of presenting the most dynamic music in the world – Dance Music. I will also never forget the guiding words spoken to me by the late Dave Godin, the outspoken Blues and Soul columnist, who extolled “It’s What’s In The Groove What Counts”, as indeed it does! Whether it’s the artist, the producer, or the remixer who’s come up with the goods, if the track cuts it then drop it!

Hence the “Freedom Principle”: the freedom to drop any cut that fits the bill and, sure, over the years this has thrown up some left-fielders – a lot of Madonna’s work with William Orbit some years back is a prime example (nothing before or since, I hasten to add)! I also believe, (Radio Show not withstanding, where lack of airtime dictates a concentration on quality new material – which proliferates constantly), it’s no bad thing to charge across the styles and type-castings when playing live so that ultra-upfront tracks will be slotted next to current “biggies” in addition to older tracks that may well have been forgotten but can still do the business.

Explanation complete. The proof though is in the pudding, so I suggest you either lock onto the weekly broadcast or catch a live set somewhere – the music itself will speak far greater volumes than I ever could!

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