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Cultural Historian, Music, and Art Critic

For the last decade, Lawrence (Kid) Batchelor has been a sports commentator and applied psychology lecturer. As a DJ, he travelled the world in the 80s and 90s working with artists, including Tony Humphries and Soul 2 Soul. Blending his own output under nomenclature Bang The party with A&R responsibilities at Warriors Dance Records. The Fantastic Aleems song “Confusion” inspired Kid’s renowned Sunday nighter engagement that ran from 1987 to 1991. Prior to joining Solar, Lawrence presented numerous radio programmes for BBC and Mi Soul Radio and was Assitant Creative Director at the launch of superclub Fabric in 1999. Lawrence combines his creative experience with his passion for the learning and professional development of young people.

Kid Batchelor was inspired by the downtown New York scene of yesteryear. The creativity of the late 1980s stemmed from the freedom of radio DJs to play what they wanted. Frankie Crocker helped open up commercial radio to hip hop, broadcasting the sounds of underground DJs throughout the five boroughs. Mixing was also introduced at this time, as radio DJs like Tony Humphries (Kiss FM) and Merlin Bobb, Boyd Jarvis (Saturday Night Dance Party, WBLS) and Mr. Magic turned their airtime into full, seamless soundtracks, where one song effortlessly blended into another. “You’re expressing emotion, and you’re receiving it back”, said Merlin Bobb, “even if you’re not in the club and you don’t see it.”

Dance Party vibes
Don’t Panik! Kid Batchelor’s Red Hot Mix Tape – putting the POP into your Art and Soul!
Sexy and outrageous, marrying contemporary style with funk, jazz
and soul.
Kid Batchelor raised the bar when he burst onto the club scene as a schoolboy DJ with Soul II Soul in North London, 1984.
And still to this day, his mixes get the Ooh’s the Aah’s and the Wow’s.
It’s not that different to the crowd at a fireworks display.
Hearing Kid Batchelor’s Red Hot Mix Tape for the first time, Tony Monson, the boss of Solar Radio, described the experience
as ‘discovering the maddest, most humorously unusual and mischievous’ line of dance he’d ever heard!
Whether taking in the gritty realism of life or the brightly coloured flavours of uptempo electronic soul, reactions are always the same.
Listen, stop, go back, bob your head.. SMILE.
Kid Batchelor’s Red Hot Mix Tape – putting the POP into your Art and Soul!

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