Raj Selli

Soulfully Yours



Join Raj for Soulfully Yours where we connect our beloved music from across the genres seamlessly for your listening pleasure.Music from the past present and future

.My obsession with soul music dates back to the summer of 82, when i discovered JFM. Having listened to the ledgendary soul spectrum weekly for years, JFM filled the gap by providing soul music 24 hours a day (most of the time!!) This naturally led to endless hours listening to other pirates,namely Horizon,Invicta,LWR,Parkside,Flashback,and of course Solar 102.5 !! Being only 14 years old the record collection at this stage consisted of only a handful of 12″ and 7″- paid for by saving my school lunch money!!Once i graduated in 89 – i had only one intention – to hunt down all those tracks from the 70s and 80s that had moved me so much over the years. For the next 6 years i spent every penny and second collecting these gems -be it from dealers,record fairs, and all the specialist record shops in London (Bluebird Records RIP !! )

Work commitments took me to a very un-soulful Florida in 1995.The development of the internet and my 3 monthly trips to new york city (to frequent dance trax and vinyl mania)enabled me to keep abreast of all the latest releases. Whilst in the USA i was fortunate enough to meet luminaries such as Najee,Phil Perry,Marion Meadows,Lonnie Liston Smith,and the late greats George Duke and Jon Lucien, aswell as one Louie Vega at the Underground Network on wednesday nights in NYC.(armed with warm dub plates fresh from his studios under his arm !! ,moments i will never forget. These meetings provided me with so much inspiration and the re-emergence of a legal Solar Radio in 1998 meant that on my return to the UK in 2000, my main priority was to DJ on Solar.

I achieved this burning desire on May 25th 2000 and called the show “Soulfully Yours” – and the rest as they say is history!

January 11 @ 20:00
20:00 — 22:00 (2h)