Steve Carr

Solar Sunrise



Solar Sunrise Strictly Rhythm show we start with laid back sounds to start the day, plenty of classics you all know and love, with plenty of vinyl thrown in. Second hour we speed things up, with weekly features such as take me to church, record label of the month, your live shout outs and banter & if it’s your birthday I may play you a track, we run down the Soul Energy house chart after 7.30 and go live in the mix for the last 15 ~ 20 minutes with some upfront soulful House
Hope you can join in every Wednesday morning Live on Solar Radio

Being the youngest of five, my early years were influenced by of course my parents, and two older brothers, and later by my older sister
Growing up with a wide mixture of genres from Gladys Knight, Dean Martin, Bowie, The beach boys, Ian Dury to Early Level 42, Commodores and Stevie W and the late great Teena Marie ( my favorite ) to name a few. My love of soul / dance music really began to grow from listening to the likes of Greg Edwards Soul Spectrum Show on Capitol, Louie Martin, Robbie Vincent and the legendary Froggy, late night’s on Capitol, who really inspired me to get some turntables and a mixer, my first set of proper turntables Technics 1210’s cost me four times more money than my first car 35 years ago, they are in my studio and still look brand new. (Apart from one cracked lid )
If you were out in club land in Milton Keynes in the 90’s (or back in the late 80’s with house parties) you would have seen me on the 1210’s mixing it up. I have a big collection of vinyl and love to play it, and dig out the rarities that you do not normally hear during the day on Solar
My musical tastes are still wide, soul, Funk, Disco, garage, soulful House, Jazz etc. I continue on making my own music, using Steinberg Cubase, been using it for 30 + years. It has come on leaps & bounds from the Atari days, Technology don’t you just love it

May 31 @ 06:00
06:00 — 08:00 (2h)